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Learning Quran for beginners is made easier at Daruliqra online Quran Academy. After learning the Noorani Qaida, the Holy Quran is properly read. Our tutors ensure the correct and well attended reading, along with the perfect pronunciation and recitaion.Best Place to learn Online Quran With Tajweed

Who can be a beginner?

It is necessary for every muslim to read and understand the Holy Quran. Regardless, age has never been a sanction. It is preferred to read it at an early age. However, if not done then, one can learn it later in life as well. 

Thus, anyone who begins to learn the reading of the Holy Quran, is a beginner. Oncethe basic Qaida and the formation of words is learnt, one can go for reading the Koran. The students after taking this course are able to read the Quran by themselves.

How is it done?

At Daruliqra online Quran Academy, our Quran teachers begin with the basics. Noorani Qaida is taught as a foundation step. The students learn and recognise alphabets of the Quran. Then, they join them to make words and finally sentences. In this manner, reading of the Quran is learnt. Students then recite the complete Quran to their tutors in a systematic way. During the study, the tutors take special care of correct pronunciation and proper reading. The students are thus able to read the Holy Quran.

Male and Female tutors

At Daruliqra Quran Academy, we provide special arrangements for students of all ages and all genders. Our female tutors are available for teaching. They make sure the ease of all our female students and children. A very user friendly environment is created. 

Why Daruliqra?

It is preferable to take the beginners course at Daruliqra. It is because both the tutors and the learners enjoy a healthy environment, we also have great teacher who can easly teach you Online Learn Quran With Tajweed

Learn Online Quran

How to reach us?

To be a student at our online Quran centre, you  only have to register by filling the form below.

In order to take classes, the online requirement is to have:

  1. A device (PC, Phone or Tablet etc)
  2. An active internet connection
  3. Skype 

Our tutors teach over skype. The learners can have a one on one interface with the teachers.

Guideline for course payment has been provided at the @ section. 

We offer a 3 days free trial so that the students can grasp the  hold of events. Also, they can check if they are comfortable and want to continue.