About Us

Dar Ul Iqra is the world best Quran education academy. We are in the best place for those people who don’t have the Quran learning facilities in their area. We plan to make the Muslim learn the Holy Quran and to Make a good Muslim with good manners. We teach with the correct voicing.The importance of Dar ul iqra is learning the Holy Quran and learning basic things that are in our Islam or culture. We use practical methods or techniques so students can learn easily and quickly. Our tutors teach according to the student’s pace of learning. We know that students have different learning speed. Some learners are slow, and some are fast. Learning Quran is not tough it’s up to you and your memorisation.Koran is the scriptural language and has the secret of this world. We warmly welcome extensive Muslims and especially Muslims living in western areas. Once you start learning or reading, then concentration is a very important and basic thing. When you fully concentrate so you can easily understand or memorising the verses or surahs. Our teachers are capable of keeping you alter and focused during the lessons. We are better than local madrassas because we are more reliable and experts. To make students know what they are reading or learning. Our teachers ask them questions about the lessons. Our online courses are remarkable so start your online Quran education with us. But first, make sure you start with commitment and determination when you want the best learning place with affordable price so you can easily join our academy. We charge the lowest fee for the students from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. We are so affordable because we want to spread the QURAN knowledge to every part of the world. Our services are within your budget, so we welcome every Muslim within the lowest charges. The basic Aim of IQRA Online Quran Academy is to let Muslims can learn online Quran easily and to make a better future for the upcoming generation.We have made it easy and possible to teach you the holy Quran at your home. We have highly qualified teachers. We have both male and female teachers. We recommended female teachers for our sisters and daughter. All of our teachers are experienced. We give the best opportunity for the students to learn Quran from our academy. All members of your family can get benefits from this advice. We offer tutoring services to our youngster and adults of all ages. We teach all the classes via Skype. We will teach you with the right pronunciation, translation, and Tafseer or tajweed with every single word. We will teach you very smoothly, and we will guide you in your mistakes. We give you surety that you will definitely enjoy your Quran education. So you can join us. You only need a PC connected with an internet connection.